Aussie DVB HD & SD Captures

HD Capture Information:

HD captures- click on the thumbnails for the fullsize image, be warned you will need at least a 1600x1200 monitor to see them fullscreen!  Check for more here

These captures are for demonstration purposes only, generally for the pages to demonstrate specifics of digital broadcasts in Australia.

Other SD Captures & Pictures  

These captures were recorded by my Topfield TF5000PVRt (yes, this is an SD PVR, doesn't stop it recording HD...)  then copied to my PC using ALTAIR, a Topfield Application, demuxed mostly now with projectX (german homepage), which is great for problematic recordings (PVAStrumento is the other good choice, but I get the most success with ProjectX) and then the still captures were taken with WinDVD, with progressive de-interlace mode for best results.   I have captured some pics as raw pixels, and will look like the wrong aspect ratio to a PC 4:3 monitor, you can use photo editor to stretch them width wise (to maintain full resolution), which is what I am mostly doing with the newer captures (or WinDVD does it automatically).

I have captured most HD channels, I also recorded a couple of 7"HD" caps.  People complain that 7 HD is really only ED rather than HD, but on my PC monitor I must admit it looks quite a bit better than SD (due to being natively progressive).  However, when doing frame by frame examination, every 2nd frame is a copy of the previous frame.. (making the 7  576p50 really 576p25x2).   Repaired aspect ratio images are where the Aussie broadcast 1440x1088 images are aspect corrected to 1920x1088 by my software DVD player (1440x1088 doesn't have square pixels for the 16:9 shape, 1920x1088 has square pixels for the correct aspect ratio).

The Topfield PVR is an SD PVR, but this is only in the decoding department.  For recording, it happily records HD streams (which is how I got all these caps to my PC)!  To copy the recording to a PC, you connect using a USB2.0 connection at a fairly dismal approx 20Mb/s rate (USB1 will work too, but this is 12Mb/s max speed), and copy the recorded file using Topfields Altair program.   The Toppy copes fine recording HD programs (but of course won't decode them to play them back) and it appears to have perfect playback with a player like WinDVD.  Elecard MPG2 player is a tad slow for my liking, but is easy to open the file in for manipulation like these captures).    The main issue with HD is that the audio is AC3, and muxing AC3 audio back into the MPEG video stream doesn't appear trivial (managed with TMPEnc-non DVD version, but the results seemed jerky to me, perhaps my Athlon 2400XP is not coping too well with this amount of info).   I use the same techniques to copy SD programs to the PC, and luckily since these always have an MPEG audio stream makes it very easy to convert from the Topfield ".rec" format to a playable MPEG2 stream without worrying about dealing with the AC3 track.

So copy the .REC recording to your PC using ALTAIR, a Topfield Application, then demux the .rec file with projectX  (german homepage), which is great for problematic recordings (PVAStrumento is the other good choice, but I get the most success with ProjectX).  The latest version of "ProjectX" is now v0.82.01.02 you will also need to install JRE for any version of projectX to work.  Here is a English guide for projectX here (although probably has *too* much info for what we typically use it for), and regularly updated downloads which include the compiled .JAR file here at OOZOON or here at doom9. 

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edited: 05/02/2006